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The company network connects all areas of your company: Departments, people and machines, locally and worldwide. It brings information quickly and securely to the destination, provides data centrally and independent of the location and prevents any data loss. The network bears a large part of the business activities. It must be stable, secure and reliable. Round the clock, on every day of the year.

You can find the optimum network solution for your company with MarcanT. Depending on your needs, we plan, install and scale your network, virtualize your server structure, handle maintenance, availability and protection and monitor all functions 24/7. And you? You can concentrate fully on your core business.

We would be happy to explain how your network could appear in the future with a personal consultation appointment. Do not hesitate. Contact us now.

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Current projects

Siemens measures lightning - MarcanT transmits lightning fast

Siemens operates a lightning information service for Europe (BLIDS: "Blitz-Informationsdienst von Siemens" [Siemens Lightning Information Service])…