CAUTION – Encryption Trojan in circulation

More and more computer systems are currently being attacked by encryption Trojans such as "TeslaCrypt", "Locky" and other variants. Approx. 5,000 systems per hour are being infected in Germany alone currently! The Trojan gains access to the victims' computers via disguised mail attachments with known endings and loads the encryption onto the affected computer and other network components via a web connection to a captured server. The encryption Trojans have also been transmitted via seized websites recently. The encryption Trojan then encrypts documents and images of the computers and servers of a company. Extortionists then demand ransom money in the form of bitcoins when the system is restarted. Affected computers and servers must be re-installed and it is only possible to avoid any irretrievable data loss with a good data backup system. Since the signatures of the encryption Trojans change very quickly, the Trojans are mostly not detected by local anti-virus programs.

The solution provided by MarcanT is used in several places to prevent the spread of Trojans. On the one hand, emails are directly scanned with two virus scanners directly at the gateway. The complete web traffic incl. the encrypted HTTPS connection is also monitored, so that the reloading of malicious codes are prevented. The Sophos UTM Appliance used by MarcanT for its customers is able to detect malware in web traffic (unencrypted and encrypted) and keep it from the network. Thus, the Trojan cannot load its malicious code and the files on the computers and servers remain unencrypted. We strongly recommend you to act quickly now. Speak with our employees to protect your corporate network against encryption Trojans and to make it permanently safer. We would be delighted to arrange an on-site appointment and present our solutions to you:

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