Zuverlässige Sicherheit für WLANs
Zuverlässige Sicherheit für WLANs

SG series with integrated WLAN

SG 100 Series appliances with integrated WLAN are all-in-one solutions for network, Internet, email, web server and WLAN security. They are ideal for small offices, the retail trade and smaller branch offices.

Plug-and-play implementation

Sophos access points can be easily deployed. Several wireless access points can be operational within just a few minutes thanks to our automatic set-up and configuration.

The access points can be conveniently connected and then they automatically appear in the user interface of the Sophos UTM. Now activate the access points in the console: They start operating within a few seconds.

WLAN zones

The Sophos access points are the ideal solution for setting up several separate WLAN zones. Configure a WLAN to allow employees to access internal network resources. You can provide guests with wireless internet access via the same access point. The integrity of the internal network is therefore not jeopardized.

At access points, we offer you the dual band/dual radio AP 50, among other solutions, which can be used as a repeater or bridge to make WLAN accessible in areas that are hard to network.

Convenient hotspots for guests

Set up hotspots for guests and BYOD devices. You can therefore precisely control who can gain access to which business resources. Guests receive secure, easy to operate and instantly available access – without additional appliances, licenses, or complicated configuration.

  • Templates can be used to fully customize login pages and vouchers – thus allowing you to individually customize the user experience and advertise your customer brand
  • Automatic registration and authentication of mobile hotspots via SMS
  • Possibility of defining limits for the bandwidth and implementing the filtering of websites with inappropriate content

Secure encryption

Sophos UTM supports the highest standards that exist for encryption and authentication. Simply use your existing back-end authentication (e.g. active directory), to provide your employees with quick and convenient access. We therefore ensure that your wireless connections remain absolutely secure.

  • WPA2 Enterprise in combination with IEEE 802.1X (RADIUS authentication)
  • Block-based encryption: Highest level of security for your data
  • Control function of Sophos UTM: Detects unsuccessful authentication attempts

Optimized performance

You can expect a maximum WLAN performance with Sophos UTM and our wireless access points.

  • Support of the latest high-speed wireless standards such as 802.11ac and 802.11n for WLAN speeds up to the gigabit range
  • Automatic channel selection and optimization for maximum performance and minimal disruption – in every situation

Comprehensive UTM security

Sophos access points send the wireless data traffic to the Sophos UTM appliance, from which all security applications are run.

  • Users are protected just as well in the WLAN as they would be with a wired connection to the LAN.
  • If necessary, you can add additional UTM protection modules to facilitate full control over the network, including the network applications, quality-of-service, and web surfing

Simple operation

Sophos solutions provide you with comprehensive security, which can be easily operated. You get all the security functions you require and can manage everything from a central location – quickly and easily.

We have completely redesigned and made our user interface more manageable to make operation even easier for you. Thus, you do not have to consult the operating manual every time you update a policy or wish to change a setting. Instead, just a few clicks are sufficient enough to complete a task.

Comprehensive on-box reports

Thanks to our integrated reporter setting, you immediately recognise when your users encounter problems. You can quickly resolve any problems and individually adapt your policies with our solution. You therefore guarantee that your employees can work safely, while simultaneously increasing the performance of your network. You receive detailed reports that are stored locally, in such a way that any additional tools are not required.

Clear progression charts demonstrate user trends within predefined and customizable reports and provide information about Internet activities. The anonymization function of the reports ensures that the names of the users are hidden. The "four-eye-principle" is required to show the names.

Flexible deployment

With Sophos UTM, you are provided with comprehensive security – from the network through to the endpoints – in a single modular appliance.

  • Installation either as hardware, software or virtual appliance – or even in the cloud
  • Individual licensing of our protection modules; alternatively a selection of one of our license packages
  • Centralized management of several appliances through IPsec-VPN tunnel with our free UTM manager